Fifty Days of Play Game

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Who will take control and who will be submissive today?

Only chance can decide... "Fifty Days of Play" is an exciting game that includes 50 secret envelopes that move through 5 levels of play, from intimate moments to erotic surprises. You can not only use the envelopes as part of the game, but you can also place them in your partner's purse or wallet as a naughty surprise waiting for them at home. Why not choose some envelopes at random during a weekend away and fill your free time with erotic ideas? "Fifty Days of Play" is a flexible and fun game that you can enjoy with your partner your way and anytime. Each envelope contains a different sexual intensity experience, from the softest to the most provocative. The game is only available in English.

Product features:
Weight: 295 grams
Male/Female/Unisex: Unisex
Article number: FIFTYDAY