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Experience a whole new experience with the Fröhle Duo Extreme Vagina Pump. By using this pump, the blood circulation to the vagina is stimulated.

This increases the size of the labia and clitoris, making the vagina ultra sensitive. This vagina pump is equipped with a grip pump and it reaches a maximum of 800 Mbar (millibar). This pump has a transparent flexible cup so you can keep a close eye on the result. Moreover, this pump is equipped with an extra smaller cup in order to stimulate only a specific part. This is a good model for beginners and more experienced users. The vagina pump includes connecting hose, valve and grip pump and is easy to clean again.


Apply a cream or lubricant to the area around the vagina before you start applying the vaginal pump. Now gently apply the suction cup all over the vagina. Release the air from the cup by operating the grip pump a few times - this creates negative pressure. After a few minutes, open the pressure control valve and allow the air to re-enter the cup. Repeat both procedures alternately. Never use the vagina pump for longer than 20 minutes and stop immediately as soon as it feels painful or uncomfortable.

Product features:
Material: PC, PVC
Weight: 499 grams
Waterproof: Yes
Plasticizer Free: Yes
Flexible: Yes
Color: Transparent
Male / Female / Unisex: Female
Suitable lubricant: Water based
Stimulation: Vaginal Stimulation, Clitoral Stimulation
User level: Advanced
Width: 7.50 cm
Height: 8.50 cm
Length: 12.00 cm
Way of pumping: Grip pump
Vent valve: Yes
Item number: VP001