Fröhle - BP003 Breast Pump Solo Cup C.

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Not completely satisfied with the size of your breasts? The Fröhle Breast Pump ensures better blood flow and increases the sensitivity of the breasts. The breast pump is equipped with a grip pump and it reaches a maximum of 800 Mbar (millibar).

The transparent flexible cup has a diameter of 135 mm and a depth of 130 mm and is suitable for a cup C. The set is supplied including hose, mounting for the grip pump, pressure regulator and vent valve. With regular use, a visible improvement can be achieved in the long term and the breasts feel fuller and larger.

First, apply some cream to the chest. Then pull the cylinder over the chest and press it against the body. Connect the tube of the vacuum pump to the tube connector on the cylinder and create a vacuum by gently operating the grip pump. Note: the sensitive skin of the breasts must slowly get used to the negative pressure. Open the pressure regulator repeatedly during use. This allows the blood to flow back slightly. Then pump again until the desired effect is achieved. Never use the breast pump for more than 20 minutes and stop immediately as soon as it feels painful or uncomfortable.
Product features:
Material: PC, PVC
Weight: 548 grams
Waterproof: Yes
Plasticizer Free: Yes
Flexible: Yes
Color: Transparent
Male/Female/Unisex: Female
User level: Advanced
Inner diameter: 13.50 cm
Input depth: 13.00 cm
Way of pumping: Grip pump
Vent valve: Yes
Item number: BP003