Pasante Taste Condoms - 12 Condoms

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The Pasante Taste condoms have different colors and flavors for sensual and tasty fun! It contains 12 condoms: 3 red condoms with strawberry flavor, 3 brown condoms with chocolate flavor, 3 blue condoms with blueberry flavor and 3 green condoms with mint flavor.

Recommended for: in general every tested condom is safe for vaginal, oral and anal contact, as long as the fit is good and there is enough lubricant.

Product features:

Material: Latex
Content: 12 pieces
Taste condom: Various
Lubricant condom: Normal
Condom thickness: Normal
Structure condom: Smooth
Condom size: Medium size
Reservoir: Yes
Shape: Right
Nominal width condom: 53 mm
Plasticizer Free: Yes
Stretchable: Yes
Article number: R1227K