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Her instructions said to buy the Trilogy Orgasm Balls down the street, and meet him at the restaurant at seven.

She always wants to please him, and does as Sir tells her. Her next instruction came through text...Before you come to the table, go into the bathroom and insert the balls inside you...Nervous yet compliant, she stands inside the stall and inserts one blissful ball after another. She feels them moving inside her body, and strains to keep the weighted balls in. He stands to meet her, and smiles deviously...Now sit pretty, we have a fun night ahead...

Product features:

Material: ABS (Plastic)
Waterproof: Yes
Number of balls: 3 pieces
Contains latex: no
Contains phthalates: no
Plasticizer Free: Yes
Flexible: No.
Color: Silver
Suitable for: Woman
Penetration possible: Yes
Stimulation: Anal stimulation, Vaginal stimulation
Weight ball: 73 g
Minimum diameter: 3.50 cm
Item number: ac917