Red Dragont Bondage Set 5 Piece

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Create a steamy bondage experience with a 5 piece kit that is attractive, comfortable, and easy-to-use.

Newcomers to kink and BDSM will appreciate the style and convenience of each accessory as you restrain, punish, and pleasure your lover. Keep them in suspense of your every move with a soft, no-peek blindfold. Put them in a sexy position with the tall posture collar. Lead them around with the chain-link leash. Corset-style laces accent the ankle and wrist cuffs as a seductive and graceful detail. Safe and easy velcro closures make this set perfect for beginners!

Product features:

Material: Polyester, Metal
Flexible: Yes
Stretchable: Yes
Color:  red
Suitable for: Unisex
Article number: AF312