Pixey Wand Vibrator - Pink

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  • Description

The Pixey is a very powerful and stepless variable massager which can be connected with the plug to the electricity grid. This direct connection ensures you a very powerful and endless vibration, which can’t be found in any other massager.

Due to the large round and flexible head, the Pixey is suitable not only for yourself or your partner to have a breathtaking climax, but it can also be used for an intensive massage for other body parts such as neck and shoulders.

Do not submerge the product under water (the massager is not water proof).

Product Features:

Material: ABS (Plastic), Silicone
Vibration Strength: Hard Vibration
Operation: Slider
Vibration: Multispeed
CE mark: Yes
Color: Pink
Suitable for: Female
Suitable lubricant: Water base
Power: Fixed plug
Sound level: Normal
Charging powercord length: 2 meters