Beppy - Wet Tampons - 4 pieces

Asha International
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Brand: Asha International

Beppy Wet is a special, wireless fresh tampon.

The tampons are delivered in a Soft Flat Pack. The pad provides extra comfort and fit always good, because the material of the tampon takes the form of the body. Beppy Wet is safe and invisible, making it suitable for use in the sauna and when going out. Sports, swimming and sex during menstruation is Beppy Wet no problem.

Insertion is easy, because the Beppy Comfort Wet moistened with Lacta gel, which also supported the natural acidity of the vagina. Beppy Comfort Wet is easily removed thanks to the handy and fits uitneemgaatje always good, because the material takes the form of the body. Beppy Wet was developed by a female engineer in close cooperation with the Technical University of Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Quantity: 4 pieces

Article number: 777000485