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Fifty Shades of Grey
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Tickle, tease and torment your partner with dozens of suede strands for your own pleasure, pain and pleasure.

The whip has a hard blow or a light caress your skin with the least sensation of pain. It is the perfect accessory for a soft, delicate game in the most intimate places.

He let the strands of my body sliding and gives taps a painful, languorous pace. '' Have you had enough, Ana?'' Christian whispers in my ear. '' Oh,'' please. I beg. The suede strands of the whip biting into my back. Here you go'' what?''. I long for breath. '' Please, sir''.

- Sensual handle for a good grip
- 40 strands soft suede soft touch or a sharp pain
- Loop on the handle for versatility
- Metal studs on the handle as additional detail
- Comes in an original, satin "50 Shades of Grey" pouch

Material: Satin / Suede, Metal Studs, PU, Wood
Color: Black / White
Length: 38cm
pliable Yes

Article number: 05305490000