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Weight: 144 grams
Brand: Mystim

The Mystim Rodeo Robin - Cock Testicle belts set is suitable for intense stimulation and provokes a tingling, sensual feeling can lead to the most unexpected highlights.

Since the straps are adjustable, they can comfortably be applied, after which they can be adapted so that they are tightly around the head or the base of the penis or testicles. Make sure the belt is always with the black wires to the body side is connected - this means that if the glans and the base of the penis connects you to the first with the red wire and the latter with the black wire connects. This makes the stimulation more intense.

This product can be connected to the control unit for electrical Mystim. (See Ladies toys dildo)
Material: Silicone
Color: black
CE Mark

A cock strap
A testicle strap
A wire to connect the belt

Link / connector type:
Mystim Round Plug.