Pink Butt Fleshlight

Weight: 795 grams
Brand: Fleshlight

The Original Pink Butt Fleshlight is made from patented high-quality material, Real Feel Super Skin, and has strong characteristics of true skin, making it feel very lifelike.

The Pink Butt Fleshlight has a stronger opening in the same channel as the Pink Lady Fleshlight.

The Fleshlight surrounds your penis, and gives an incredibly realistic sensation. Place the shaped 'gel insert' in warm tap water for him to bring the ideal temperature for a more realistic effect. The gel insert gives the feeling of a warm velvety skin, and is 100% secure. The removable gel insert is surrounded by an attractive and strong body, which looks like an ordinary flashlight. The Fleshlight is easy to handle and clean, designed for discreet storage and is indestructible.

Mild vanilla scent.
Lubricant included.
Main color : skin color