Tenga - Flip Hole White

Weight: 752 grams
Brand: Tenga

The Tenga Flip Hole masturbator is absolutely the best and most futuristic sex toy for men right now!

The Tenga Flip Hole felt more comfortable than a woman? Yes, really!

Determine what you want, feel and have control over your own orgasm. Tenga has developed a tool, which in a very easy manner sensational quality orgasms can be achieved.

The Tenga Flip Hole has three buttons that feel can be controlled. The upper and lower button can be increased pressure locally desired. The middle button allows all the air removed from the product, making tighter and sucking incredibly good feeling.

The Tenga Flip Hole should be used with lube. Tenga Flip Hole Especially for a revolutionary three lubricants developed. Try all three and experience the difference. The product comes with a sample of each of the three lubricants.

Very easy to clean, because the product is folding.

Produced in Japan.

Colour white.