Tenga Standard - Rolling Head Cup

Weight: 126 grams
Brand: Tenga

Tenga - Rolling Head Cup

From left to right, top to bottom. Bring yourself to an ultimate climax.

This variant of Tenga will provide excellent additional stimulation of the glans.

Leave the top after the orgasm roll over your head and you do not know what you do. This feels really good!

Tenga The artificial vagina's are on the inside with a realistic feeling and very fine structure. They are equipped with high-quality lubricant on the inside. The Tenga toys feels nice and wet and slippery. The Japanese makers of the product claim that this toy is nicer than real sex. Besides the ultimate feeling they do not nag and she is always in the mood. That each man should have tried.

Please note that this is product is made for single use. If the product you wish to use more than once, use a condom from a hygienic standpoint.

Produced in Japan.

Color red.