Rope Cuff & Tether Set

Weight: 420 grams
Brand: Fetish Fantasy Series

Discover how tempting the classic Japanese bondage game with this sensual and Belts Bondage-Buoy set for beginners.

The sexy silk cuffs and straps feel soft but with a single tug on the leash you're stuck and you are left to the mercy of your partner or Master. The cuffs and straps are all interconnected by means of sturdy plastic buckles, so you can combine endless delights. The loops of the fasteners can secure for example a bar of the bed so you restricted in your movement. Use your imagination and discover the many positions that love by companies while you're fascinated with this exclusive fetish set. Surrender to the exciting Japanese bondage erotic sensations that entails and you sekspel is never the same.

Color : black.