Geisha balls

Wiggle Duo Kegel Ball - Black/White

Experience a lovely stimulation while you are walking around wearing these cute love balls. The counter-weights on the inside of the toy wiggle around with every movement, so you are constantly stimulated while you are wearing the love balls.

The Perfect Balls

Black love balls with inner rotating steel bullets. Total length 10 cm

Trilogy Orgasm Balls

Her instructions said to buy the Trilogy Orgasm Balls down the street, and meet him at the restaurant at seven.

OVO Love Balls L1 Lilac

The OVO Love Balls let you enjoy an intimate stimulation.

Black duo love bullets

Duo black love balls with vibration.

Stimulating metal balls

These vaginal balls are made ​​of very heavy metal for a new challenge.

5 Function Purple Vibrating stimulants balls

This cute set of two smooth balls are a real treat!

Sterling Grey Benwa Balls

The Sterling Grey Benwa balls can move freely and provide intense pleasure and are also ideal for training the pelvic floor muscles.

Delicious Pleasure

Smooth silicone spheres lightly weighted with free-roaming weights expertly tone and tighten your muscles for increased control and heightened stimulation during play.

LELO Luna Beads Noir

Weight: 357 g
Brand: LELO

Luna Beads Noir are sleek and seductive version of the world's best-selling Ben Wa balls irresistible promise pleasure during foreplay and beyond.