Sensual Hot Wax

Weight: 139 grams
Brand: Fetish Fantasy Series

Tie your partner, and insert him or her a blindfold.

Bad Kitty Red Giant 8-Piece Set

Weight: 200 grams
Brand: Erotic Entertainment Love Toys

This bondage kit is the ultimate kick for your love life.

Chain leash with leather strap

Weight: 120 grams
Brand: Zado

Tie him or her but these solid metal chain!

Spreader Bar

Weight: 200 g
Brand: Zado

Softly padded leather cuffs, fixed on a metal bar.

Bellamy Beginner's Bondage Set - Purple

Are you and your partner looking for a new challenge?
Then this 7-piece bondage set is for you!

Keep Still Bondage Set

These cross-shaped bed restraints (handcuffs and ankle restraints) are suitable for all bed sizes.
Just put them underneath the mattress at the top and bottom of the bed leaving a bit hanging out, in order to be able to put the hands and feet into the restraints.

Shhh Blindfold

Black satin blindfold (length 198 cm, width approx. 7 cm), also suitable for bondage.