Toy cleaners

Cobeco Toycleaner 150ml

A water based effective toy cleaner without alcohol. Especially suitable for cleaning your erotic toys.

EasyGlide Cleaning - 150 ml

EasyGlide Toycleaner is a cleaning agent that is specially designed for sextoys.

Pjur Woman Toy Clean

Weight: 110 grams
Brand: Pjur

For a gentle, hygienic cleaning of utensils - alcohol sensitive materials such as latex, rubber, glass, silicone and leather are not affected.

Pjur medical CLEAN Spray 100 ml

Weight: 110 grams
Brand: Pjur

Why Pjur Med Clean - Spray (100 ML)

Special Cleaner Love Toys

Weight: 67 grams
Brand: Erotic Entertainment Love Toys

For disinfecting and cleaning all your erotic articles.