Latex Briefs Dildo

These black latex briefs have a seductive look and are exciting to wear!
The briefs have a dildo on the inside with a length of 12 cm.
This gives the illusion that you are wearing regular briefs, while you are secretly being penetrated by a latex dildo.

Erection-supporting Vibrating Strap-on

For men with penile dysfunction this practical erection support is a great solution.
Put on the strap-on and place your penis in the sleeve.

Ultimate Vibrating Strap On

This all inclusive strap on harness has all the features you need for a wet, wild, incredibly orgasmic penetration experience.
Exciting ribbing runs all up and down the shaft, from the smooth, realistic cock head to the molded balls.

Realistic Dildo with strap-on harness

Give your partner the stimulation he or she deserves with this realistic strap-on dildo harness. The elastic straps ensure that the dildo stays securely in place.

Strap On Harness - corset model

This alluring dildo harness with corset back looks great on almost any body! Using the adjustable buckles on hips, D-ring buckles on the buttocks and a corset with lacing at the back, you make perfectly fit.

cucumber Dildo

This skin colored dildo has fun studs over the entire length and is wrapped in a cucumber shell.

Inflatable Latex Dildo

Looking for a long, rubber, growing dildo?

Realistic dildo

Delicious realistic skin colored realistic dildo.

Skin Tone Strap-on Dildo

The skin-colored strap-on dildo has a slightly curved shape for a lifelike experience penetration.

Black Giant Latex Inflatable Dildo

Great is not big enough? Then this inflatable dildo is perfect for you!